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Zhuozhou Tala Petroleum Technology & Equipment Ltd . (hereafter called Tala) is a company involved in supplying and providing services in technology and equipment for the geophysical prospecting, drilling, logging, producing in petroleum industry. Although the company was incorporated in 2003 due to restructuring, the business activities have been established much earlier since 1992. Tala has its headquarters located in Zhuozhou city, Hebei province, P.R. China, with operations in various countries, such as, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, United States, Nigeria, and some middle-east Asia countries. Our major clients include BGP/CNPC, one of the world's largest geophysical prospecting companies.

Tala's main current business includes sourcing and selling ranges of equipment, for examples, Seismic cables and geophones, desert vehicles, drilling rigs, bits, wellhead assembly, blowout equipment, perforating charge, detonators, etc. The company also provides fast and reliable repairs and maintenance services for these equipment to our customers worldwide. Our products have ISO certificate and met with API standards and tested for advanced technology and high quality. We are now forming suitable joint venture partners to spearhead future activities in research, designing, manufacturing, procuring, and developing new products and technology to cater our customers' needs of the industry..

By providing fast, reliable, and high quality products and services, we hope to forge a close partnership with our about:d customers, and build a sustainable long term working relationships. Please feel free to contact us anytime for details of our products and services.