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Mobile camping vehicle
Series Movable
Mobile camping vehicles are a boxlike type of vehicle that provides field operation personnel with an ideal rest and working site. These vehicles consist of more than a dozen models, serving different purposes ranging from accommodation, recreation, sanitation, storehouse, survey, office, kitchen, management, conference to show bath. They are structured with composite board materials, showing an excellent performance in heat insulation. Inside the vehicle, a complete set of power supply system. Air conditioning, heating and lighting equipments are provided for, The company can also make designs on different vehicle bodies for customers according to their specific needs.

Main Specifications
Model FY- Ⅲ
Unit dimensions (mm) 11500 × 3000 × 3670
Cabin dimensions (mm) 9000 × 2850 × 2440
Min. space to groud (mm) 380
Min. turning radius (m) 8 Thermal conductivity (w/m 2 .k) 0.69w/m 2 .k Inside floating dust (mg/m 3 ) 0.11mg/m 3
Insulation resistant (Mega ohm) ≮ 2M Ω (cold state)
Inner dimensions (mm) 8860 × 2710 × 2200 Wheelbase (mm) 1360
Tread (mm) 2400