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   Natural frequency: 10Hz ± 2.5%
   DC Resistance: 395 Ω± 2.5%
   Sensitivity: 27.5V/cm/s ± 2.5%
   Damp: 0.68 ± 2.5%
   Distortion: ≤ 0.075%

   Natural frequency: 10Hz ± 15%
   DC Resistance : 145 Ω 15%
   Sensitivity : 14V/Ba ± 15%
   Frequency Response : 10-100Hz ( ± dB)

   dimention: Φ 54mmx300mm
   Weight : 2.5kg

Ordinary Electric Detonator

Conbo-geophone is a kind of two components in one combination with two geophone and one hydrophone for OBC Operation in the depth from 0.5m shallow water to 200m deep water under the river, the lake or the ocean.

SN7C super geophone is the latest generation of seismics geophones, which is developed for 24 bits A/D seismic data acquistion system to meet the requirements of high resolution seismic exploration. Its frequency bandwidth is 1200Hz and its spurious frequency is more than 300Hz, distortion less than 0.1% and tolerance of each specification within ± 2.5%. All this results in high signal to noise ratio, better phase consistency and high dynamic resolution